Vespa is known throughout the world for its top-quality design work along with smooth performance. It was designed and manufactured by Piaggio and launched in 1971 in India and soon became a hit in public offering features such as comfortable seating, iconic style, and a sturdy engineering design. But still, many people get confused when they are trying to Buy Vespa Scooter Insurance for their vehicle. Here we are going to look at why you should get Vespa insurance and what are its benefits.

 Vespa Specification:

Vespa Variants

LX 125, ZX 125, VXL (125, 150), SXL (125, 150), Notte 125, Elegante, Urban Club.

Engine Displacement (cc)


Stroke (mm)


Max Power (RPM)


Max Torque (Nm)


Emission Type


Fuel Type


Fuel Capacity (Lit)


Mileage (Kmpl)


Width x Length x Height (mm)

690 x 1770 x 1140

Ground Clearance (mm)


Kerb Weight (Kg)





Front: Aircraft derived single side arm and Rear: Dual effect hydraulic shock absorber

Tyre Type


Importance Of Vespa Bike Insurance:

Vespa insurance can not only protect you from any unforeseen future circumstances but also mitigate any financial losses due to them. You can never know what can happen on the road, especially when you are driving a two-wheeler. By having comprehensive coverage for yourself and your vehicle you can avoid any financial damage that may result from any damage on the road. Therefore, it is always best to get Vespa insurance for your vehicle to avoid any future hassle and losses.

Vespa Insurance Cost:

Vespa Variant

Third-party insurance

Own-damage insurance

Comprehensive insurance

VXL 125




SXL 125




VXL 150




SXL 150




LX 125




ZX 125




Urban Club




Notte 125




Elegante 125





The above represents the average Vespa insurance cost that a person might have to pay to get their Vespa insurance policy based on their needs. The above table figures can vary based on the market trends and insurance provider policies.

Inclusions In Vespa Insurance:

The following are the various inclusions that you can enjoy by getting Vespa insurance for your vehicle:

  • Protection from any damage due to natural disasters.
  • Damage protection from any losses from the theft of the vehicle.
  • Protection from any unfortunate fire or explosion.
  • Damages caused because of riots, vandalism, etc.
  • Damages from any third-party liabilities.
  • Accidental damage when driving on the road.

Exclusions In Vespa Insurance:

The following are the various exclusions that you should keep in mind before filing for a Vespa scooter insurance claim:

  • Damages due to any illegal activities or rough driving.
  • Damages due to commercial use of your vehicle.
  • Any damage sustained outside of the coverage area.
  • Damages caused due to driving under the influence.
  • Damages due to war-like situations.
  • Gradual wear and tear.

Add-On Covers For Vespa:

The following are various add-on covers that you can get additional along with your Vespa insurance:

  • Return-to-invoice cover.
  • Zero-depreciation cover.
  • NCB protection add-on cover.
  • Road-side assistance cover.
  • Passenger protection cover.

Benefits Of Getting Vespa Bike Insurance:

The following are the various benefits of getting Vespa bike insurance:

  1.  Financial protection:

You can mitigate any financial losses that may come from any unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances by having a Vespa insurance policy.

  1.  Legal liability protection:

Avoid any legal liabilities by getting comprehensive Vespa scooter insurance for your vehicle.

  1.  Peace of mind:

Always drive with peace of mind without any worry by getting Vespa bike insurance for your vehicle.


Today with the rapid rise in the consumer class, more and more are trying to get a vehicle for their daily travels and commute that they can use. One such case is of two-wheeler vehicles like Vespa offering many of its user’s top-quality features like smooth performance, fast acceleration, and a comfortable driving experience. But you should also not forget to get insurance as it can help you avoid any unforeseen risks and mitigate losses from any damage. Now, easily insure your vehicle in just a few steps by getting comprehensive Vespa insurance from Quickinsure and comparing various available plans and get the one that suits your needs.


  1.  What are the documents required to file a Vespa insurance claim?
  • The main documents required to file a Vespa insurance claim include an original policy document copy, vehicle registration, and a valid identification document.
  1.  How many types of insurance policies are available for Vespa?
  • Types of insurance policies available for Vespa:
    • Third-party insurance.
    • Own damage insurance policy.
    • Comprehensive insurance policy.
  1.  Can you get insurance protection coverage for passengers as well when travelling on Vespa?
  • Yes, by getting an additional pillion rider add-on cover with your insurance policy you can protect your passenger or travelling rider.
  1.  Where can you get comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for your Vespa scooter?
  • You can easily visit the Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that meets your needs.
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