Many times, two-wheeler owners often get frustrated and feel wronged as their comprehensive bike insurance claim gets rejected by the insurance provider. Insurance claim rejection can have huge financial liability on the policyholder as they can feel they have been robbed and cause them to avoid getting an insurance policy in the future which can be dangerous when they are driving on the road. But one can avoid insurance claim rejection by checking all the details of the policy documents when they are getting their bike insurance. Here we are going to look at the top reason for two-wheeler insurance claim rejection that one should be aware of when getting their comprehensive bike insurance.

Reasons for Insurance Claim Rejection

One should always make sure to read all the details of the insurance policy documents to avoid any future hassle and insurance claim rejection from the insurance provider. The following are the top reasons for two-wheeler insurance claim rejection:

Giving False Information

One should be careful when providing their details such as name, address, pincode, etc., as it can be used as the basis for verification when they are trying to claim their insurance. Insurance providers can reject the insurance claim request if they find that any information provided by the insurance provider is false.

Expired Insurance Policy

Insurance providers can get their insurance claim request rejected if their bike insurance policy has expired and they have failed to renew it.

Committing Insurance Fraud

Sometimes, policyholders can try to take advantage of the loops in the system and try to claim the insurance through fraudulent means. This can have heavy penalties and cause their insurance claim to be rejected.

Driving Without A Licence

One should always have and carry their driver's licence with them when driving on the road. Insurance providers can deny the insurance claim of the policyholder if they are found to be driving without a driving licence.

Driving Under The Influence

One should avoid driving under the influence like driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs as it can cause their insurance provider to reject their insurance claim.

Delayed Requesting Insurance Claim

Policyholders should always try to report any damage such as 3rd party, accidental, or any other type of damage to their vehicle at the earliest or within 24 hours of the incident as delaying their claim request can cause their insurance provider to reject it.

Incomplete Insurance Transfer

One should make sure to get their insurance transfer in order as many times people buy second-hand vehicles and forget to transfer their insurance to their name, this can cause the insurance provider to deny the insurance claim request of the policyholder.

Using The Vehicle For Commercial Purposes

Commercialization of the vehicle can also lead to insurance providers rejecting the insurance claim request of the policyholder as the vehicle is not used as it was meant to be at the time of the insurance.

Illegal Use Of The Vehicle

Insurance providers can deny the policyholder’s claim request if they find there is any illegal use of the vehicle such as driving recklessly on the road, over speeding, driving on the footpath, etc.


One can get their bike insurance claim rejected if they are found to be negligent in their duty for following safety like forgetting to lock the vehicle properly, leaving the key in the vehicle unattended, etc., that can lead to theft of the vehicle and cause losses.

Modification Of The Vehicle

Many bike enthusiasts like to modify their vehicles for performance and look to get a more immersive riding experience. But this can also lead to an increase in their premium charges and their bike insurance claim getting rejected as they fail to inform and pay their insurance provider the required premium amount.


One should always take note of the above-listed reason for insurance claim rejection when getting comprehensive bike insurance. Also, they should never forget to get third-party bike insurance as it has been mandated by the law and can help one avoid serious financial risk. Now one can easily get two-wheeler insurance for their bike in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting their official website and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is one required to submit an FIR when claiming insurance?

Submitting an FIR report can depend upon the situation such as one may be required to provide the FIR report to the insurance provider in case of theft, 3rd party damage, and accidental damage.

Q2. How can one avoid insurance claim rejection?

One must always make sure to read all the insurance policy documents, especially all the inclusions and exclusions that can affect the claim process to avoid any future hassle or rejection.

Q3. What documents are required when one is claiming their insurance policy?

Documents such as Driving licence, vehicle registration, Insurance policy, and FIR if applicable are required when one is claiming insurance.

Q4. Where can one get comprehensive bike insurance?

One can easily get their bike insurance online by visiting Quickinsure official website-  and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.

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