Sound health involves both the physical and mental well-being of a person. To stay healthy, you have to go for routine check-ups and take precautions in advance. A financial problem should never delay the process of your treatment as it can severely impact your health and future.

Because of the severe pandemic, people have become aware of health insurance plans. Health insurance is important as it protects you and your family from various medical costs in case of an emergency. With the policy documents, you also receive a health insurance card. In this blog, we will throw light upon the various benefits and uses of health cards.

Health insurance plan - What does it mean?

A health insurance plan is an insurance plan where the company will offer financial assistance to the client during medical emergencies or treatment of any disease. The amount of financial support or coverage offered by the insurer will depend on the amount you have insured and the premium you agree to pay.

Based on the norms, regulations, terms, and conditions of the policy, you can also get a cashless claim or reimbursement claim according to your requirement. You can buy health insurance online. The policy documents will be sent safely to your address.

When we buy a health insurance plan, we carefully look at all the features that it covers and the premium we have to pay. However, we don't pay attention to health insurance cards.

What is the health insurance card?

A health insurance card is insurance identity proof that contains all the necessary details, policy information, and financial coverage under your insurance plan. The policyholders can get cashless payment options for paying the medical bills with the help of this card. When you present the card to the hospital billing counter, they will digitally analyse the financial coverage.

Top 5 health insurance card benefits

  1. The Policyholder Can Get Cashless Hospitalisation

The health card India will only work if you are hospitalised in a partner or network hospital of the insurance company. In case you get admitted to a network hospital, you have to present your health card to the billing counter. If you have the card with you, you can present it after hospitalisation. You can immediately initiate the cashless claim process and settle all your bills easily and quickly.

  1. You Can Directly Contact the Insurance Company.

The first step for claim settlement is to inform the insurance company. Most insurance companies provide a toll-free number that can be used in case of queries or claims. However, not every policyholder remembers this number. However, when you check the health insurance card India carefully, you can find the contact number on the card.

  1. Get All the Policy Details at Your Fingertips

When you are informing the health insurance company about your claim, you have to mention your customer identification number. However, in case of an emergency, looking for the policy document to get the policy number and details can be difficult. Remember that the health card contains a unique identification number, which you can use to get all the policy details immediately.

Like the debit card or your credit card, the health insurance card also has a validity date. In simple words, you cannot use the health insurance card after the expiry date. After the expiry, you have to renew your health insurance plan, and you also get a new card with it. So, with the help of a health insurance card, you can find out whether your health insurance is active or not.

  1. The Card Acts as an Identity Card for Immediate Cashless Treatment

Health card also acts as an identity card if you require immediate cashless hospitalisation. At first, the hospital compares your identity card with the health card. Once they are satisfied, the network hospital can instantly offer cashless treatment.

  1. Clarifies Your Claim Eligibility

The last benefit of a health card is that it can validate and support your claim. When you present the card, the hospital can cross-check your eligibility. They will go through your policy records, confirm your identity and approve your health insurance policy. If everything is in correct order, the hospital will immediately give approval to your claim and offer cashless treatment. You can also use the health insurance card for any critical illness policy claim if required.


Q1. What are the three important pieces of information listed on health insurance cards?

Ans. A health insurance card India has the following details:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Contact information of the insurance company
  • Email ID and website of the insurance company.

Q2. How will I get a health insurance card?

Ans. Firstly you have to buy a health insurance policy from an insurance company. After successfully getting registered with the insurance company, you will receive the policy papers and the health card via post. You may also receive a digital health insurance card at your email address. If you have insured multiple members in your insurance policy, each member will receive a health insurance card.

Q3. What are the exclusive benefits of a health insurance card?


  • The policyholder can get cashless hospitalisation and treatment at partner hospitals.
  • He can immediately connect with the insurance company
  • Can access the policy details immediately

Q4. What important information about the policyholder can you get from the health insurance card?


  • The name of the policyholder
  • The amount of insurance premium
  • The insurance coverage amount
  • Different charges are covered by the insurance
  • The validity of the health insurance plan
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