Having insurance can help one remain protected on the road and drive with peace of mind. But many times, people wonder if it is only enough to have an insurance policy to safeguard themselves and their vehicle from any damages that may happen in the future. Today with rising cost of living and day-to-day expenses one can easily go into financial loss if they were to suffer from any unfortunate damage on the road and they only have a two-wheeler insurance that can only cover a general range of damages. One can avoid this by getting an add-on cover in two-wheeler insurance for their vehicle and remaining covered from all unforeseen future risks. Here we are going to look at what two-wheeler insurance add-on covers and their benefits.

What is Two-Wheeler/Bike Insurance Add-On Cover?

Add-on covers are additional protection guarantees that one can get from their insurance provider by paying extra charges on their premium for getting a specific coverage on their vehicle. This can help them avoid various future risks and help them maintain the life of their vehicle over a long period. Bike insurance add-ons are very important if one needs to protect themselves and their vehicle from serious financial losses and avoid any claim issues.

Types Of Add-On Cover In Two-Wheeler Insurance

Whenever one is getting their comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, they must make sure to check all the details, especially the coverage as it can help them get additional coverage included in their insurance policy later by getting two-wheeler insurance add-on covers. The following is the list of add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance that one can refer to when getting their insurance policy:

  1.  Personal Accident Cover

One can get protection against any financial losses if they suffer from an unfortunate accident that results in them requiring expensive treatment by getting a personal accident cover.

  1.  Zero-Depreciation Cover

By getting a zero-depreciation cover one can avoid any loss in the value of their vehicle even after it has been serviced or repaired after getting damaged.

  1.  Return-To-Invoice Cover

It can protect the on-road value of the vehicle over a period and help the owner avoid any financial loss if their vehicle has received severe damage. The difference between selling and on-road prices can be settled by the insurance provider.

  1.  Consumables Cover

Vehicle service and repairs can cost a lot if one vehicle were to be damaged due to any unfortunate circumstances on the road resulting in it requiring various consumables such as oil, nuts, bolts, spare parts, etc. But they can avoid this by getting a consumable bike insurance add-on cover.

  1.  Road-Side Assistance Cover

Owners of the one’s vehicles can request for road-side assistance such as tyre repair, towing, fuel delivery, minor repairs, etc., from any close network garage by getting a road-side assistance cover included in their bike insurance policy.

  1.  Tyre Damage Cover

Two-wheeler tyres are more prone to wear and tear as compared to other types of vehicles on the road leading to various issues like tear in the tyre, puncture, tyre threads fade, bulging, accidental bursting, etc. Tyre damage cover can help them avoid any financial losses and get their tyre repaired or replaced by any network garage.

  1.  Engine Cover

An engine protection cover can help one maintain engine health and get it serviced or repaired in case of any damage that may happen due to any unforeseen circumstances on the road.

  1.  Key Loss Cover

One can easily get a duplicate key for their vehicle in the minimum time possible and recover losses of the lost key by getting key loss bike insurance add-on cover in their insurance policy.

  1.  Passenger Cover

Driving two-wheelers on the road can be dangerous and can also create serious risks for the passenger or the pillion rider in the back seat. By getting a passenger add-on cover on their bike insurance one can protect and avoid any financial losses of the passenger.

10. NCB Protection Cover

By getting a NCB protection cover one can still claim their premium discount bonus at the time of renewal of their policy even if they have claimed their insurance benefits in the previous insurance policy cycle.

Benefits Of Add-On Cover In Two-Wheeler Insurance

The following are the benefits of getting add-on cover in two-wheeler insurance:

  1. Emergency roadside assistance
  2. Protection from value depreciation
  3. Financial protection in case of death or disability
  4. Discounts on spare parts and accessories
  5. NCB discount protection


Today with the rising cost of living and expenses many people are wondering if their general two-wheeler insurance is enough to protect themselves and the vehicle from suffering heavy financial damage. As such many people are also buying add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance to keep them protected. One can refer to the above list of two-wheeler insurance add-on covers and their benefits when they are buying their bike insurance add-ons. Now, one can also get their comprehensive two-wheeler insurance along with various add-on covers online at their convenience from Quickinsure by visiting their official website- and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their needs.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is getting bike insurance add-on cover mandatory?

Getting a bike insurance add-on cover is not mandatory but one can get it as per their requirements to protect themselves from heavy financial loss.

Q2. Does add-on cover increase the cost of the premium on the insurance policy?

Yes, add-on covers can increase the cost of the premium that one must pay to the insurance provider as they are additional coverage that is not included in a general insurance policy.

Q3. What are the main benefits of getting bike insurance add-ons?

The main benefits of bike insurance add-ons are financial protection in case of personal accident, emergency assistance on the roadside, and Discounts on spare parts and consumables.

Q4. What are the most popular and bought add-on covers?

The most popular and brought add-on cover includes zero-depreciation cover, return-to-invoice cover, roadside assistance cover, and personal accident cover.

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