When it comes to innovations in the automobile sector, electric vehicles are undoubtedly the only obsession. Right from the manufacturers to the consumers- everyone is excited about this innovative mode of transportation eliminating the cost of fuel. Thus making it environment-friendly. Electric scooters are even very handy to use as they run on battery packs. Having said that, since electric vehicles are a new development there’s a surge in their demand, especially among teenagers and youngsters. One of the most common questions afflicting new e-scooter riders is: Do electric bikes need insurance in India?

Rules For Electric Scooter Insurance in India

If you're among the many who wonder whether an electric bike in India needs protection, then read on. The response is dependent on several factors. Every bike owner in India is required to have at least third-party insurance as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Third-party insurance, as the name implies, covers liabilities to third-party people and vehicles in the unfortunate case of traffic accidents. However, it does not make up for losses sustained to the policyholder's own car or person.

However, electric scooters having power less than 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 KMPH are considered electric bicycles and require no third-party insurance or any other registration fees.

A very important thing to bear in mind is that the government is yet to declare specific regulations concerning this matter since electric scooters are totally a new development in the automobile sector. However, it’s always recommended to have a comprehensive insurance policy while riding any two-wheeler as it not only covers third-party liabilities but also secures both the owner/driver and the vehicle. Moreover, having this comprehensive insurance also protects against any unpleasant scenarios like theft and fire.

Benefits and Importance of Insurance for E-Scooter

Riding e-scooters on the road without any comprehensive insurance might land the rider into many adverse situations in case of road accidents, theft, fire, and many other contingency situations. Apart from all these, there are a plethora of other reasons for availing insurance for e-scooters. Let’s dive into listing some of those major reasons:

E- Scooters are Expensive

Electric scooters are still in their nascent stage but due to their demanding choice among youngsters and teenagers, they are quite expensive. All their elements including the motor, controller, and batteries come at expensive rates. Despite the encouragement by the government for greater adoption of electric vehicles, the company has covered a small niche of its buyers only. Hence the benefit to manufacturers is limited which subsequently increases the price of electric scooters. Considering this, having insurance becomes a must in order to incur any damages to the vehicle from one’s pocket.

Affordable e-scooter Insurance

Although electric scooters are quite expensive to purchase, their comprehensive insurance policy comes at much affordable cost which is payable by people of any income group. It acts as a financial cover for heavy expenses that one might incur due to any contingency situations on the road. Moreover, insurance seekers can further enhance their savings by investing in two-wheeler insurance online by comparing it with other renewed versions and policies in finding the most suitable one. Secondly, investing in two-wheeler insurance online is even cost-effective for the vehicle and the owner both.

E-scooters are Highly Risky

Since e-scooters are the easiest and best pick in the market these days for short commutes, they are even exposed to major risks of accidents on the road. In case something goes wrong with the vehicle the insurance policy can keep denting all the damages caused which in turn will dent your savings too. If the vehicle was ridden without any insurance then all the denting money had to be borne out from one’s own pocket money by the rider/owner.

Ease of Customization of Insurance

Every individual has their own requirements and preferences. Thankfully, insurance providers are sensitive to these distinct requirements and enable insurance seekers to customize their policies to find the best that fits them.

Needful Documents for Insuring e-scooters

Less powerful electric scooters (250W and max. 25KMPH) do not require any insurance but those running at higher speeds do require it as they may cause fatal accidents. Therefore a comprehensive insurance policy is a must in this case. The process of getting insurance for an electric scooter is the same as a fuel two-wheeler. One can either visit the insurance company directly or upload all the aforementioned documents on the company’s website which are as under:

  • Proof of address such as an Aadhaar card, electricity bill etc.
  • Proof of identity where the date of birth is mentioned.
  • Two passport-size photographs.

Key Takeaways

Acknowledging the eco-friendly potential of e-scooters, the government has been dedicating a lot of effort to popularize electric vehicles. However, this latest innovation will need to be adequately secured for the rider and the comprehensive insurance policy just does that. If one owns an electric scooter with no insurance then the person has to incur damages from their pocket and might have to compromise on their financial health.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why comprehensive insurance is better than third-party insurance?

Ans: Comprehensive insurance is the better option for e-scooter riders because it covers the insurance of both vehicle and the rider/owner.

Q2. Why are e-scooters the best choices among teenagers and youngsters?

Ans: Due to their ease of handling and good speed, e-scooters are the best option for short commutes.

Q3. Why is it important to cover the insurance of e-scooters?

Ans: E- scooters are quite expensive to purchase therefore it becomes crucial to avail insurance for the safety of both the owner/rider and the vehicle in case of any contingency on the road

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