A super top-up policy is like an extension to your already existing health insurance plan. Suppose during a health emergency, your hospital bills cross the amount of health insurance coverage. In that case, you will have to bear the extra amount. But by using a super top up health insurance policy, you will be able to avoid this situation altogether.

In case you feel that your current health insurance plan is not adequate, you can very conveniently increase the coverage amount by using a super top-up health insurance policy. A super top up health policy always works at an aggregate level. It pays the policyholder when after repeated claims, the policyholder has already exhausted his yearly coverage according to the base health insurance plan.

Why Should You Buy The Best Super Top Up Plan?

  • Maximum Health Coverage: There are two types of super top up health insurance plans available out there – family floater policy and individual policy. Thus, you can get your complete family insured under this super top-up plan and ensure maximum health coverage for each one of them.
  • Cost-Effective: Most of the time, the best top-up plan comes with a high deductible amount as well as low premium expenses. Thus a super top-up health policy is an affordable and feasible option.
  • Financial Security:The insured sum which is offered by the super top-up health insurance policy serves as the financial cushion for your base health insurance policy. So even if you incur sky-rocketed medical expenditure, this super top-up plan will act as a means of financial security for you.
  • Greater Coverage for Parents and Seniors: The healthcare expenses for the senior members in your house will be too high. That’s why you will have to pay hefty premiums to get maximum coverage. However, when you invest in super top-up insurance plans, you will be able to get extensive coverage for your parents and grandparents, but that too at feasible costs.
  • Additional Tax Saving: When you buy a super top-up in health insurance, it will entitle you to certain tax-saving benefits as well. You can save big on your tax payments with the help of super top-up plans.

Super Top-Up Health Insurance Policy: Whom Does It Cater?

  • Senior Citizens: For older people, you will always need to pay a higher premium. So if you have senior members at your home, then you should definitely buy super top up health insurance plans. When you spend your money on a super top up plan, the expenses of premium will come down significantly.
  • Corporate Life: Suppose you have a corporate plan -thanks to your employer. However, you very well know that the coverage amount won’t be sufficient. Hence, it is necessary that you get yourself a super top up policy. Of course, it won’t cost as much as a standard health plan does!
  • Limited Sum Insured Plan Holders: In case your existing health insurance policy is not adequate and brings you limited benefits, then you can simply buy yourself a super top-up in health insurance plan. There is absolutely no need to port to a new health insurance provider or buy an all-encompassing, new health insurance plan.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Super Top-up Plans

  • Always go for the right deductible limit when investing in super top-up policies. It should be equal to the limit of your base health insurance plan.
  • Crosscheck the names of hospitals that are enlisted in your super top-up health plan. Sometimes, they may differ from the ones provided by your base health insurance policy. This often happens when your regular health insurance policy and super top-up one comes from different insurers.

You Need To Consider The Following Factors In Mind While Choosing The Best Top-Up Plan

  • No-claim benefit
  • Restoration or reload facility
  • Maximum pre-hospitalisation coverage
  • Maximum post-hospitalisation coverage
  • Coverage for the organ donor
  • Lifetime renewal option.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a super top-up health plan an individual or a group policy?

Overall, you can call it a group policy. However, a certificate of insurance or COI will be given to all the individuals who get enrolled under the plan.

Q2. Who can get coverage under a super top-up health insurance policy?

Senior citizens, corporate employees, individuals, limited policyholders can use the super top-up plan.

Q3. Is it mandatory to buy a super top-up health policy?

No, it is not compulsory. However, it is advisable to get yourself a super top-up health insurance plan.

Q4. Is super top-up health policy and top-up health policy the same thing?

No! Super top-up plans differ from the top-up health plans as the former works on an aggregate level and does not have parameters unlike the latter.


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