One should never take chances with their health, especially in their 40s. Health issues have serious risks for people in general but can be fatal for someone who is in their 40s if they don’t have proper health insurance coverage for themselves. But oftentimes many people get confused as to how to choose the best health insurance cover in their 40s and how they can upgrade it for their requirements. Here we are going to look at how one can decide on their health cover upgrade in their 40s and what are its benefits.




How to decide on health cover upgrade in 40s:

Chances of one health risk increase as they start to get old especially when they are in their 40s. One is easily susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolism issues, thyroid diseases, joint problems, etc., compared to how they were in their 20s or 30s. Many times, people in their 40s can require hospitalization which can cost them heavily. Therefore, one must carefully examine their insurance policy and get a health cover upgrade to match the requirements. The following things one should keep in mind before deciding to get a health cover upgrade in the 40s:

Get a pre-medical checkup:

One of the best ways to decide on a health cover upgrade in your 40s is to get a full pre-medical checkup and get a complete analysis of your body. This can help one determine if they have any ailments or are at risk of one in the future. It also helps decide the health insurance coverage that they need to get.

Low waiting period:

Get health insurance coverage that has a low waiting period as many people in their 40s might already have a pre-existing condition that can require them to wait for some time before they are approved for a health cover upgrade.

Critical illness treatment:

Many times, insurance providers can have restrictions on health insurance cover claims if one were to have a critical illness that has a high chance of complication. One should avoid getting health insurance coverage with such restrictions.

Extra premium charges:

Insurance policy premiums can be higher when one is in their 40s as insurance providers add extra charges due to risks such as pre-existing diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, etc. One should always try to get premium charges details before getting a health cover upgrade.

Optimal coverage for all treatments:

Always get health insurance cover after checking the sum insured is higher and is optimal for you to get coverage for all the medical treatments. Especially people who are in their 40s as they can require longer hospitalisation, expensive treatments, and post-care medicines.

Research on insurance providers:

People in their 40s must always try to do their research and compare the various insurance providers that are available on the market before choosing the one that meets their requirements.

Benefits of getting health cover upgrade in the 40s:

Following are the benefits of getting a health cover upgrade in your 40s:

Financial protection:

By getting a health cover upgrade for their health insurance policy one can avoid financial damages such as costly hospitalization charges, emergency medical treatment charges, etc.

Tax savings:

One can get tax concession on their health insurance premium by adding it as a non-tax charge in their income tax form under the 80(c) section.

 Peace of mind:

One can always be at peace of mind by getting a health coverage upgrade on their insurance policy.


Health can never be taken lightly especially if one is in their 40s as they are at a high risk of diseases and infections that can cause death if they don’t receive on-time treatment. By getting health insurance coverage one can avoid such risks and get the proper treatment they require and not have financial losses in the process. Now, one can easily get health insurance coverage for themselves in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting their official website- and comparing various available plans and choosing the one that meets their needs.


Why is it important to upgrade health insurance coverage when one is in their 40s?

Old age can lead one to have high-risk factors for various diseases and infections that can cause them to get hospitalized and have costly treatment that can cause financial damage to them.

How much tax concession can one get by buying health insurance?

The government allows up to 1.5 lakhs of concession under section 80(c) of the income tax.

How long is the waiting period for insurance when one is buying it in their 40s?

It can vary from months to years and depends on the insurance provider as they have their policy regarding the waiting period, so it is always advised to get health insurance with a low waiting period.

Where can one buy health insurance coverage?

One can easily get health insurance coverage in just a few steps by visiting the Quickinsure official website- and compare various available plans and choose the one that meets their needs.

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