Every individual, even the fittest, needs a health check-up regularly. It is always advised by doctors and health care providers to keep a track of your health and take frequent checks to detect any possible ailments you may be at risk of. Regular health check-ups would help you know your body in and out. It can assist you to take a preventive approach and ensure you can keep yourself healthy.

Health insurance policies always have a free annual health check-up for their customers. Every insurer assures it gives all benefits to the customers. It is also available at the time of renewal of the health insurance policy. There are also options to receive the benefit of health check-ups even if you have raised a claim during the insurance policy term period. Let’s take a look at what are these benefits and the importance of health check-ups for customers.

Annual Health Check-up Coverage

Common tests such as ECG, complete blood count, fasting blood sugar, thyroid profile, lipid profile or urine test get covered under complimentary health check-ups. In case of cashless complimentary health check-up,the availability is only at network hospitals for the insurer. You can visit the network hospital, provide your policy details and avail the cashless health check-up. However, some insurance companies also allow reimbursement of annual health check-up, that is up to a specified limit.

It is often a misconception that if any disease is found during a complimentary health check-up, it may affect the insurance premium. Once you have been issued a policy, the insurance premium will not vary based on your health check-up report. Insurance companies only take into account any pre-existing diseases that you have at the time of purchasing the policy.

Some factors that you need to take into consideration while availing of health check-ups include;

  • The frequency of medical tests depends upon your insurance policy as well as the insurer
  • The cost of tests is a predetermined limit set on the amount payable applicable after the prescribed number of years of the claim-free renewal
  • If the sum assured is higher, in that case the amount payable for the free medical check-up is greater
  • Whether you will be an availing medical tests at network hospitals
  • In case of network hospital, you can avail cashless option, while in case of non-empanelled centre you shall be given reimbursement
  • Keep a check on the list of tests included for the health check-up beforehand to know what is covered under your policy plan by your insurer

To avail the most of the benefits of free annual health check-ups by insurers, make sure to understand your health conditions and terms matching your health history.

Importance of Annual Health Check-ups

The annual health check-ups provided by insurers help assess your current medical condition advising if you are at risk for a certain ailment. Thus, helping you take preventive measures towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Annual health check-ups are necessary for;

  • Early diagnosis of any potential risk or illness that can create a larger health issue can be identified early
  • You can treat any seen risk to prevent excessive damage to your body in the future
  • Monitor the risk of any illness or medical complication that might turn out to be fatal
  • You will be aware of your medical condition status regularly
  • You can take the necessary precautions to stay healthy and fit
  • When you know you are physically healthy and strong you shall have peace of mind
  • It will reduce your mental stress and keep you happy for longer life
  • Regular health check-ups assist with early diagnosis, prevention, and cure helping you save on future healthcare costs.

Some of the Benefits of Annual Health Check-up Include

  • Regular health check-ups help you save money in the long run
  • Annual health check-ups reduce the risk of potential health ailments
  • It helps prevent the cost of surgery or any other large expenditure
  • Regular health check-ups help diagnose any illness in the bud and ensure that you can take precautions before they become more serious
  • It helps health care providers and doctors to properly evaluate your body’s functioning
  • It assures proper direction towards treatment in case of any ailment detection
  • It helps in the identification of any diseases related to stress and helps address them immediately
  • Regular health check-ups help monitor long-term health wellness.

List of Tests Generally Covered Under Free Annual Health Check-up Benefit for Customers

The free annual health check-up benefit for customers provided by insurers includes general tests like;

  • ECG (for above 35 years age)
  • Blood sugar
  • Lipid profile
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood pressure
  • Chest X-ray
  • Liver function
  • Urine analysis
  • Kidney function test
  • Vitamins deficiencies test
  • Lung function test
  • Pap smear (for women)


Knowing the importance of health check-ups, make sure you avail the free annual health check-up benefit from your insurance policy rightly. In case some illness is found out from the tests you can add them to your present insurance cover and get that risk covered as well.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on Free Annual Health Check-up Benefits for Customers;

Q1. Are health check-up features the same for all insurance companies?

Not all health insurance companies provide the same health check-up features. It depends on the insurance policy plan as well.

Q2. Is there an option to get a health check-up at the purchase of the policy?

No, the feature of free health check-up comes with a waiting period. It is based on your policy plan as well as your insurer. Free health check-up is also applicable at the time of renewal of the policy plan.

Q3. Is the free health check-up feature beneficial for all?

Yes, the free health check-up feature is beneficial to young as well as elderly people. It shall help maintain the well-being of all.

Q4. Does free health check-up relate to premium or sum insured under the policy plan?

The free health check-up is related to sum insured and not the premium amount. Higher the sum insured, greater will be the amount contributed for a free health check-up.

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