Day care treatment or procedure includes all those medical treatments which earlier needed multiple days of hospitalization. But now, because of high-end technology and medical advancements, these procedures take much less time.

List Of Day Care Procedures Commonly Covered By A Majority Of The Health Insurance Plans

We have enlisted all the day care procedures, which are generally covered by most health insurance plans. Go through this day care treatment list to know more:





Incision of the inner ear

Reconstruction of the middle ear

Operations of the auditory ossicles

Other operations on the inner ear

Operations on the middle ear


Removal of foreign body

Cataract operation

Corneal incision

Eyelid incision

Tear duct operations

Corrective surgery

Nose and Sinus

Operation on the nasal concha

Nasal sinus aspiration

Foreign body removal

Other operations on the nose


Dislocation surgery

Ligament tear and meniscus tear surgery

Fractures and sutures on tendons

Other joint and bone surgery

Dislocation surgery

Orthopaedics and trauma surgery



Reconstruction of the tongue

Other operations on the tongue

Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue

Chemosurgery to skin

Skin transplantation and restoration

Excision of diseased skin and subcutaneous tissues

Incisions to skin and subcutaneous tissue


Plastic surgery to the mouth

Other operations to the mouth and face

Incisions to the mouth, jaw, and face


Radiotherapy for cancer




Coronary angiography

These are some of the most familiar day care procedures covered under health insurance policies. However, the list can vary a tad bit as per different insurance companies.

How Advantageous Is A Health Insurance Policy That Covers Day Care Procedures?

You should always opt for a day care treatment health insurance plan. You will be able to enjoy so many benefits if your health insurance plans cover day care procedures.

  • Cashless Treatment: Suppose you are already aware of any day care treatment that you or any of your family members will have to undergo in the near future; you can consult your health insurance company and avail the benefit of cashless treatment, thereby reducing the burden.
  • Complete Peace of Mind: Even a single day in a hospital can lead to extreme stress. The hefty medicinal charges and treatment expenses can further increase the stress level and anxiety. But when you know that your health insurance company will be taking care of the treatment expenditures, you will feel much relieved.
  • Premium Quality Treatment: A health insurance plan ensures that the patient gets quality treatment. Simply head to any network hospital, and they will offer the best medical care to the patient.
  • Tax Saving Benefits: This acts as a cherry on the cake! Buying a health insurance plan which covers day care procedures allows you to enjoy tax-saving benefits. There will be tax benefits on the amount of premium paid for the plans as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

How To Choose The Best Day Care Health Insurance Policy?

There are multiple health insurance providers which offer several day care procedure coverages. For instance, TATA AIG All Medicare covers 541 day care treatments, MAX BUPA Heartbeat plan covers more than 400-day care procedures, and so on.

A layman often commits the mistake of buying an insurance policy that offers the maximum number of day care coverages. However, you need to keep in mind that the number of treatments covered is not the only criteria to look for while buying a daycare health insurance plan. Rather, you need to be mindful of the below-given factors as well:

Apart from these, you should also keep an eye on the following factors regarding health insurance plans:

  • Coverage amount
  • Type of policy
  • Policy terms
  • Number of members included

You should always do enough research as well as take the advice of an expert before buying a day care procedures health insurance plan.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We have covered some of the common questions that people often ask about day care procedures in health insurance. Hope your doubts and enquiries will be catered to here.

Q1. Is there any health insurance plan that covers day care procedures for seniors as well?

Yes, there are several health insurance plans which offer proper day care treatments coverage.

Q2. How many day care procedures are covered by a health insurance policy in general?

The number of day care treatments covered by different insurers will vary. Generally, a health insurance company offers more than 100 day care treatments coverage.

Q3. Is there any day care procedure related to COVID 19?

No, there is yet no day care procedure related to this pandemic.

Q4. Do I have to opt for day care treatment coverage separately, or is it already included in my health insurance policy?

Buy a health insurance plan which includes day care procedures, and you won't have to opt for their coverage separately.

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