Medical bills can take a huge portion of one's hard-earned money if they are careful when getting their health insurance. Today, due to the rapid rise in medical services there also has been a great rise in the number of people getting health insurance premium to avoid spending their life savings on medical bills. But many times, people are confused as to what type of health insurance can they get to remain protected against any future health risks. Here we are going to look at 10 ways to save on medical bills by getting a comprehensive health insurance policy.

How to Save Money On Medical Bills By Getting Health Insurance:

The following are the 10 ways through which one can save money on their Medical Bills by checking their health insurance premium for these things

1.Get a Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance cost is usually less as compared to the individual health insurance policy. This can help one get the same coverage for them and their family members without paying higher premium prices than they would when getting a health insurance policy through the market.

2.Check Insurance Policy for Pre and Post-Medicalization Services

Make sure to check your health insurance policy for pre- and post-Medicalization coverage to avoid paying any extra out-of-pocket money for the treatment that can result in financial loss.

3.Get Free Health Check Through Insurance Provider

Today many insurance providers offer their policyholder free health checkup as a part of their health insurance policy package like group health insurance. This can help keep track of any medical condition that one has and help detect any underlying condition that can develop in the future free of cost. It is one of the good ways to save on medical bills.

4.Check For Alternative Coverage in the Insurance Policy

Many times, people prefer to use alternative treatments such as homoeopathy, ayurveda, etc., for their diseases or illnesses rather than standard advised treatment. One needs to make sure to check their health insurance policy for alternative coverage that can cover the cost of such treatments. Getting AYUSH coverage included in a health insurance policy is one way to ensure proper coverage for all types of treatments.

5.Avoid Getting Private Rooms

Make sure to avoid getting a private room when one needs to get admitted to a Medical for treatment as it can raise the medical bill.

6. Check For Transportation Charges

Check your health insurance policy for transportation charges that can come if one needs to get to the Medical in case of an emergency. This can help one avoid paying extra out of their pocket money for getting ambulance transportation to the Hospital.

7.Make Sure To Get Treatment in a Network Medical

Always make sure to get treatment from a network Medical that is registered with your health insurance provider to avoid any extra hassle of getting a claim as many network Hospital offer cashless claims making the Medical Bills lesser.

8.Get Generic Medication

By opting for generic medication one can avoid paying for costly treatments and save money on Medical Bills.

9.Check For Daily Cash Benefits

Today many insurance providers offer their policyholders with daily cash benefits through which they are given a set amount of cash for their requirements which they may need to get by paying in cash. This is a good way to save money on Hospital Bills.

10. Renew Policy on Time

One always needs to make sure to avoid lapsing of their health insurance premium and renew it on time to continue to avail all the benefits. This is very important as an expired policy will not cover any medical expenses if one is admitted to the Medical for their treatment.

Benefits Of Getting A Health Insurance Policy

Following are the benefits of getting a health insurance policy by which one can save money on Medical Bills:

1. Tax Exemption

One can get tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 for getting health insurance policies for themselves and their family members hence not only saving money on the Hospital bill but also on the income tax.

2.Cumulative Bonus

One can avoid paying a higher premium for getting a higher coverage on their health insurance policy by opting for a cumulative bonus through which one can get a higher coverage on their health insurance policy if they haven’t claimed any benefits during their previous insurance cycle.

3.Cheaper Diagnostics Tests

Health insurance can help one get diagnostics tests at a cheaper rate than the market prices hence reducing overall cost on one pocket and help save money on Medical bills.


One can never know what can happen in future especially when it comes to health, but one can make sure to avoid any risk that can come by getting a health insurance policy. But one must always be careful when buying their health insurance policy and avoid getting a policy with poor benefits as such they can easily refer to the above 10 ways to save money on Medical Bills with health insurance. Now, one can easily get comprehensive health insurance policies for themselves and their family members in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting the official website- https://quickinsure.co.in/ and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance Premium

Q1. Why must one always avoid going in a grace period?

The grace period is the time provided to the policyholder to pay the premium charges on their insurance and avoid the lapsing of their health insurance policy. But one must always try to avoid going in the grace period as it can still affect the claim process.

Q2. How many types of Medical are there?

Mainly two types of Hospital are emergency and other is voluntary admission for medical reasons.

Q3. Why must one always try to get to a network Medical?

One can easily avoid the insurance claim hassle when they are being treated at a network Medical.

Q4. How do generic medicines affect Medical Bills?

Generic medicines can save money on Medical Bills as they are cheaper and have the same effect as compared to branded ones and they also help reduce the cost of treatment.

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