Livestock protection

Transforming Livestock insurance from physical to digital.

What is a Livestock Insurance Policy?

Life stock insurance plan offering coverage for financial damages brought on by the loss of or damage to one's livestock. In general, thefts, accidents, and other calamities are covered by livestock insurance. Normal exclusions include confiscations, quarantines, and criminal activities. One must pay a premium to obtain coverage, as is the case with all insurance.

Scope and Coverages of Livestock Insurance

Livestock fatalities: This category comprises unintentional deaths (due to an accident or other harm), disease, and surgical infections.

Theft Lost refers to the possibility of cattle being stolen or lost.

How to buy Livestock Insurance online with Quickinsure?

Quickinsure makes it easy and hassle-free to purchase livestock insurance coverage online.

Step 1: Use our RTI technology to enter the Livestock location using the Quickinsure mobile app or website. It needs some fundamental information, like the time and date, snapshots, a live inspection photo, a live inspection video, the health status of the cattle, their identification, and their market value.

Step 2: -Compare the finest livestock insurance prices offered by the leading insurance providers in India. Based on the information you provided. With the greatest insurance providers in India, you may select the best livestock insurance policies.

Step 3: - Make a payment of the premium for livestock insurance online. The insurance company will then send you the policy right away in the mail.

Claim Process or Enrolment Livestock?

  • A dully filled claim form is available on our website.
  • Medical certificate of a veterinary doctor performing post-mortem (real-time identification)
  • Post-mortem Report – Autopsy report
  • At the time the e-proposal form (livestock guardian/owner/claimant) was submitted, at least four photographs of insured animals were received.
  • During the post-mortem procedure, the livestock veterinarian officer (livestock guardian, owner, or claimant) received at least four photographs of an electronically-Digitally identified dead animal.
  • All documents related to the accidental death of livestock, loss, or death during emergency treatment, including natural death loss information and a postmortem report, must be sent by registered post - A/D within 07 days.
  •  The insurance company claim officer will go through all the documents and settle the claim after successfully scrutinizing and verifying the e-documents at the time of animal loss along with the documents received by the (livestock guardian/owner/claimant).

Important Aspects

  • Livestock (cows, buffaloes, bullocks, donkeys, horses, goats, and sheep) should be properly vaccinated by veterinarians and fed nutritious food.
  • The insurance provider may reject the claim if it is determined that the death or disability was caused by negligence or fraud.
  • In order to get approval of a claim for accidental death of livestock in any manner, including loss or death during emergency surgical, post-operative treatment, or natural death of livestock, the livestock guardian, owner, or claimant must immediately be informed of this and go through our RTI process, which is designed for real-time identification for the purpose of claim administration, and claim approval has been done.
  • Skilled and certified veterinary doctors should be appointed to treat the cattle; otherwise, the claim may be rejected.

Frequently Asked Question

What's the eligibility criteria of Livestock insurance?

-"Livestock Security-Livestock Insurance" covers people who have:

1) Dairy cows, buffaloes, breeding-purpose bulls, or all of these come with donkeys, horses, breeding-purpose sheep, and goats.

2)  Indigenous, crossbred, and exotic cattle are owned by private owners, dairy farms, cooperative dairies, corporate dairies, milk producers, and milk collection centers, and cattle of creditor cattle loaned to financial and micro-dairy loan members.

3)It covers both scheme animals and non-scheme animals under this policy.

What's not covered by the livestock insurance policy?

Any activity that offenses the animal act are not covered.

What is the minimum and maximum age of the livestock for insurance coverage?

It's better to insure your livestock earlier because its age limit varies from insurer to insurer. except for cattle, its age is between 3 to 10 years.

What is RTI technology (Real-time identification)?

RTI technology is software that identifies time, and date snapshots, livestock inspection pictures, videos, livestock health status, livestock identification, and livestock market value.





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