Quickinsure Promise

About Quickinsure is presented by Quickinsure Insurance Brokers Private Limited. It is an online insurance comparison portal, It also has offline sales force using state of art technology to help customers compare and choose from the basket of Insures in India. It is the only well-known online comparison portal focused only in General Insurance Products. Our vision is to be the leaders in simplifying and speeding up the process of buying insurance in India using technology and growth of internet of things in India. Our Vision is shared by committed and passionate team at Quickinsure at every level.


Customer First

  • We bring you real time Price and features comparison of Insurance policies from nearly all Indian Insurers.
  • We help you take decision and buy online as well as offline.
  • We are happy to help during this process if you desire so.
  • We are just a call away if you need any assistance in claims anywhere in the country.

Fair Practices

  • We do not accept any payment. You pay the Insurer Directly.
  • Payments made to Insurers through Quickinsure online are completely safe.
  • We do not accept cash or cheque in our name for any kind of Insurance policy purchase from Quickinsure.
  • We respect every Insurer and their practices. But we do not favour any Insurer.
  • Irrespective of the Insurer you choose for your policy, we guarantee the service.